Just another Iron Maiden killer. IN THE NEW THRILLER!

Gangster movie presents the beauties of the wild east


What’s your favourite movie character with Iron Maiden t-shirt? Nameless killer in the brand new thriller could be your favourite!  Babie Leto (Indian Summer) new East-European movie from Slovakia premiered on 7th November 2013 can be seen in cinemas across the country. One of the main roles in the film shows notorious character of the old-school tattooed killer in the classic Killers t-shirt for famous rock band Iron Maiden.

Contemporary gangster drama recalling subgenres as film noir or pulp with floods of bloody gore, stormy sex and dirty business was directed by Gejza Dezorz and produced by Marian Urban for Alef Film&Media Group in coproduction with Slovak Motion Pictures, Avi Studio, UN Film and Filmove ateliery in the Czech Republic. The film introduced popular actors and TV stars from Slovakia and Hungary such as Alexander Barta, Agi Gubik, Jevgenij Libeznuk or Peter Nadasdi in the role of killer with Iron Maiden t-shirt and no name. Original movie soundtrack also includes songs performed by legendary punk bands like Zona A or Liter Gena. Script was based on the award-winning novel The End Of The World (Koniec Sveta, 2006) written by Agda Bavi Pain, renowned Slovak author and hard-core writer with Turkish roots and also co-author of the screenplay. In 2008 the book was awarded with Big Prize For Literature From East Europe - Literaris and was published in German as well (Am Ende Der Welt). The story situated in the “wild east” at the very end of the European Union reveals the Slovakia’s second biggest city Kosice with infamous gypsy ghetto, strong criminal community and bizarre underground scene with asocial background. The original book by Agda Bavi Pain also contains numerous references to Iron Maiden, Paul Di’Anno, Bathory and other glory pop culture icons.

Film Indian Summer received great reviews in press and media and will be presented on international film festivals soon. Foreign distribution and DVD release will follow later in 2014. 



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